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Why we conduct the study

Nowadays Asia-Pacific internet users make up more than half of the world’s digital population and about 70% of them use smartphones.

Within significant digital banking growth in Asia, e‑commerce far exceeds banking digital sales in general. Now the mobile bank is already losing its traditional essence, and is turning into unified ecosystem.

And still, user dissatisfaction with digital channels creates opportunities for growth in the banking sector. That's where the Asian Pacific Financial Services Review 2019 comes in.

countries being examined
best practices expected
to be found

Where we look for
best UX practices

12 largest economies in Asia region, which are most likely to contain a high concentration of best practices. In each country we examine all financial services, convinient for openning a bank account, money transfer, online payments, getting other bank products, personal finance management etc.

19 more countries are considered as possible providers of intresting UX solutions. Here we will focus on unique cases, demonstrating completely new approach to user experience in finance.

CIS countries, Central and West Asia, small and dependent states of Oceania are beside the study.

How we design the study

Conducting dozens in-depth interviews with locals to reveal specific aspects of online banking in the countries studied.

Recruiting agents to see all financial services with our own eyes.

Seeing the value of the best UX practices in a context of our huge experience in digital banking.

Explaining how those practices may be implemented to provide an efficient solution of particular business goals.

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